Build Your Business, Live Your Dreams.
Melissa and Paul are professional accomplished speakers and influencers in the photography industry and have had the honor to speak and/or are scheduled to speak at the following international, national and regional conferences.
You know that anxious feeling you get wondering when your next photography gig is?
You love what you do and know you are damn good at it. So why aren’t you getting paid?

Maybe you don’t have all the gear yet. Maybe you don’t have all the skills yet. But you have the determination to follow your passion and a love for creating beautiful images for your clients.

You know you deserve better. We know you do too.
You deserve a system that will take your photography business to the next level, take out the guesswork and overwhelm, and that will allow you to focus on business systems that can be duplicated and that work.
You deserve to be surrounded by other like minded photographer entrepreneurs who understand where you are coming from and have the same day to day challenges of running a photography business. Individuals you can learn from in a non judgemental and supportive environment, dedicated to the business of photography.

This means you will go from thinking “Is this really going to work? Can I really do this?” to “Oh my gosh this is actually going to work! I can do this!”. Taking your love of photography from a hobby to a business, and a profitable business at that! A photography business that gives you so many life options.

Whether that is:
  • Creating your own schedule where you determine where and when you work
  • The flexibility to take time off to spend with your family and friends
  • Opportunities for travel and life experiences photographing different places, people, and events
  • Building financial freedom, whether that is putting money in savings, paying off debt, and making investments that you and your family will benefit from
  • Waking up each morning knowing that you are doing what you love, staying creative, and impacting the lives of others you work with in a positive way.
You will create a life that you love and deserve. A life where you are the boss, call the shots, and most importantly, do what you love. Happy dance!

You have the opportunity to help other people and create impactful images. Images that document people’s best days, capture timeless moments, and showcase beauty and emotion.

So let’s do this. Let’s follow our dreams and passion and do what we love. Let’s change the way we run our photography businesses and instead of being starving artists, be profitable artists. 

Welcome to Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle!
“Hold up..what is Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle?”
I know that’s what you are really thinking.

Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle is a monthly membership community that combines real world photography business training with an awesome community of like-minded REAL photographers that get you and share your same challenges. 

It is so easy to get caught up in the “rock star” world of photography that is filled with glamour and allure. But not every market is photographing fantasy settings, high end products, and fashion models. We are a community that deals with real life situations, with real life people, and real life solutions that you can apply to your own photography business. 

And that’s not all…
Check out Everything You Get as a Member!
  • Backstage Pass to our Six Figure Photography Business
  • Private Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle Forums
  • Private Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle Facebook Group
  • 2x Monthly Group Live Video Coaching Calls
  • 14 Day Action Challenges
  • Members Only Marketing and Image Critiques
  • Masterclasses
  • Accountability Partner Program
  • Private Event Calendar
  • BONUS: Full Access to All Photographer Entrepreneur Premium Training
  • And so much more!
What is Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle?
Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle is a monthly membership community that combines real world photography business training with an awesome community of like-minded REAL photographers that get you and share your same challenges. 

It is so easy to get caught up in the “rock star” world of photography that is filled with glamour and allure. But not every market is photographing fantasy settings, high end products, and fashion models. We are a community that deals with real life situations, with real life people, and real life solutions that you can apply to your own photography business. 

And that’s not all…

Take A Sneak Peak Before You Commit
But Wait There’s More!
Cue the cheesy infomercial music….

But seriously.

There is more. A lot more.

So when you choose to join Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle you get monthly access to the following…
Monthly Q & A Calls
This is your opportunity to ask any question to your heart’s desire on a live video call with us.

Any and all questions welcome.

Each month we will host a live Q & A call and dive deep into answering biggest questions about photography, business, and more.

No holding back on this awesome learning experience!
Monthly Hot Seat Calls
Don’t let the name Hot Seat scare you off..these live calls are designed to give our members an individual coaching opportunity!

The Inner Circle community tunes in to learn from each other and share experiences.

Each month we focus on 2 Inner Circle members, answer their specific business questions, and give valuable feedback to help them learn and grow.
"This was invaluable..."
Paul & Melissa, it was so awesome to have had the opportunity to be in that hot seat today! I just finished writing down a list of 6 items that I will be implementing in my business over the next 2 weeks. This was invaluable and I'm really so grateful to you guys for the generosity and guidance! Special shout out to Betsy for sharing her struggles as well! Learned a lot!! Thank you! 

Toni Chowdhury, Shutter-Tripper Photography & Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle Member Photographer 
BONUS: Premium Courses
The value of this next LIMITED TIME BONUS is bananas!

We completely pull back the curtain and share all aspects to our photography business. And we share everything, we mean EVERYTHING! When you join the community you get instant access to $4723 in online training courses. This includes:

Photographer Entrepreneur School ($1997) - This all inclusive business course for photographer entrepreneurs will be launching Fall 2017! 

Headshots Workshop ($497 Value!) - 41 detailed modules on how Paul attracts, communicates and shoots over 800 professional headshots a year. From real estate agents to companies like DuPont, GE Corporation, United Way and more.

Lighting Intensive Workshop ($497 Value!)- Everything you ever will need to know about lighting in all aspects of photography! 

Wedding Photographer Bootcamp ($797 Value!)- This course covers everything you need to know to market, grow and become profitable within the wedding photography market. This covers not only the business side, but also client communications, presentations, in person sales, and more. 

Social Media Photographer ($195 Value!)- Find out exactly what social media guru's have taught us! Find out the methods we use to attract over 800 headshot clients a year, over 140 Santa Experience sessions and also book out with over direct wedding leads a year too!

Networking for Success ($47 Value!)- Have you ever wondered how to properly and professionally immerse yourself around other business professionals? This bonus will teach you step by step how it's done.

How We Attracted 10,000 Likes On Our Facebook Page ($97 Value!)- If you are struggling with attracting an audience to your social media channels, this bonus will give you a process for finding clarity so you can finally build your social media audience fast.

Photography Contract Pack ($197 Value!)- We hired a contract attorney to create the essential contracts you will need for your photography business. 

Accountability Partner Program
We all have the best intentions when starting any new venture to stay focused. But then real life situations happen and we get off track. 

And then the discouraging feelings come up and we want to give up.
Our members only Accountability Partner program will help you get past this!

You will pair up with someone who is aligned with the specific stage that you are in.

You will become each other’s cheer squad and help each other stay on task with your goals. And having that extra person in your corner can make a huge difference in your personal and business growth!

"So appreciative!!!!"
Thank you so much for sharing. And here is the difference between making money and being a business forward artist or not. In the next six days, my packages will be put together and ready for my site. The information you’re sharing is so helpful and I truly appreciate it. I almost can’t get over how I landed myself here with PROFITographers! I feel like this is my answer. Being in this place, at this time surrounded by like minded individuals and professionals is just amazing. Wow. 

Jen Parente, Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle member
Strategy Sessions
We are always sharing what’s going on in our photography business, as far as new trends, challenges, and massive wins. We keep the information in Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle current and relevant to real life business situations. 

Our strategy sessions are videos of full dive topics. You tell us what you want covered and we will create it for you and everyone else!
Professional Photography Critiques
Tired of getting critiques that really have no value? We have a members only photo critique section where you can get feedback on different lighting, posing, and shooting techniques to expand your own portfolio. The goal of our community is to help and inspire one another.

"Oh boy!!!!!!!!"
I just downloaded a bundle of info from the Premium site!!! Headshot worksheets, contracts, and Santa info. 

Just did a headshot the other day for my friend. Put them on a gallery and her friend saw her picture and of course she needs one! I needed to get more info on how this will flow in my business and to make sure I have all my bases covered.

I also have been working on my Santa event for this year already. Freaking out because I have zero promotional material! Well...not the case now! I have a video that I am going to use for my Santa event this year! So excited! 

Thanks Paul and Melissa Pruitt for an amazing jump start! 

Natalie Syverson, Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle Member
Amazing Community
We can honestly say that we have one of the BEST online communities out there for photographers looking to grow their business. Our members are there to share and help one another and we truly live by our value of having a safe and no judement zone for our members.

The community gets it, and we get it. We wanted a place for like minded photographer professionals to come together to share wins and challenges. To talk about how photography is more than capturing beautiful images, but running a business that will produce profitable results.

We have a ton of people in our community who are here to lift you up and cheer you on!

Speaking of the community inside of Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle, why don’t I introduce you to some of them right now?
Time to Brag!
Truth time…

We have some of the most amazing, talented, smart, and supportive people as members within Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle. It is the members that make this community really, really special!

So we want to show you just a glimpse of some of these go getters, how they are killing it in their communities, and what they think about being a Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle Member!
After attending Paul and Melissa's workshop this week, before I even got home, I joined two networking/self improvement groups and decided to attend their meetings scheduled for yesterday and today. The one on Thursday was Toastmasters and the one today was a networking group for local entrepreneur women. Well the Toastmaster one was still intimidating because I'm not comfortable speaking in front of a large group, but I'm determined to continue going. The meeting today was amazing and I ended up joining it on the spot (I had gone as a guest initially). And let me tell you: not only I meet amazing business women, but I also left with two booked head shots for next week - and I don't even have a portfolio for it yet. Thank you again Paul and Melissa, I'm super excited about growing my business in this direction and with all the opportunities that is about to come from following your advice.- Lucia Cintra
I was at the Wedding Photographer Bootcamp in person and it was amazing. I learned so much and I am pumped up to take that knowledge into my business. Paul Pruitt and Melissa Escaro were so awesome I can not thank them enough. Everyone should check this out, your whole mindset will change.-Steve Murphy
Loved the interaction with members! Paul and Melissa are truly mentors, not just admins! Love this community!!!-Anne Money
This was my third workshop with Paul! Always very informative and down to earth knowledge and advice. Can't stress enough how great and dedicated Paul and Melissa are to teach business and photography. They really want us to succeed! Thank you! -Violetta Butkiewicz
So I created a wedding ad following Paul Pruitt's advice from his video awhile back on targeted Facebook ads. I didn't think it would come to much, but I targeted specific cities & only recently engaged women. I only had it run for a week, but on the 2nd day of it being up I got one inquiry that ended up booking for next year. 

In one week the ad reached almost 8k people, over 300 post engagements, & about 20 new likes to my fb page. I ended up only spending $76 & I'm still getting inquiries. 

I plan on tweaking it a bit & running similar ads for family/newborn photos, but I consider it a success so far!
Thank you so much for sharing Paul & for this awesome group!-Anna Alethia Manning
If anyone is in doubt of what Paul Pruitt has been teaching about networking, handing out business cards, and hanging out with the types of clients you want to attract, try it! I spent endless hours on sitting behind my computer, posting to Facebook, creating Facebook and instagram ads with absolutely NO response! Not to say that Facebook ads don't work, but networking has been instrumental in business picking up for me. I joined my local chamber of commerce, joined a local entrepreneurs meet-up group, have been handing out business cards like crazy, did a bridal show and business is finally picking up! I'm not crazy busy, but I'm at least getting my phone to ring. I booked two weddings from the bridal show, did all of the chamber board members headshots, picked up my first paid commercial shoot, and just finished another head shot session yesterday, and just got off the phone with another potential commercial client. So, get out there and network! I promise you won't be disappointed! :)-Rebecca Campbell
With my 2 boys in bed back to studying/reading again. Here is my update so far on what I have read. 1. I will be buying another copy bc mine is full of notes and highlights there is so much great information in this book. 2. If you have not bought this book I highly recommend it. It's not that expensive and can help you more than you know. 3. If your new to photography and starting up a business BUY this book if your experienced BUY this book. Easy to read and understand. Straight to the point for those who don't like to read much this book goes by fast :)-April Kanowski
Paul and Melissa, thank you for your book you gave me at Shutterfest. I listened to your goal setting podcast today and I just happen to be on the goals section of your book tonight. What is really clicking for me is what you said about setting health goals. Without your health you can throw everything else out the window. This is what's happening with me; I'm not healthy. And my business is no nowhere near where it should be after 2 1/2 years. Not a coincidence. So I'm setting a 3 month goal to get healthy and in shape by walking and biking to work everyday and cutting out processed foods. I need to feel better about myself so I can help my business grow. Thanks for the motivation you two!-Danny McElmury
Paul and Melissa....wanted to let you know I did not sleep on the plane ride home...even after several nights of no sleep...Read you book from cover to cover....GREAT two should be very proud!-Davenna Greenhouse Trahan
I'm about 30 pages into the book and I just came across this quote that really hit home for me. "Don't just focus on today - focus on the success of your business today and in the future". If anyone is hesitant about purchasing Profitographers, I highly recommend it!-Brittany Bodendorf
Paul & Melissa, I've been reading the book and I have to say, it's amazingly helpful already, and I'm not even that far into it yet. The beginning - about the costs involved in digital photography & running a legitimate business, plus what all is needed to run a successful business, brilliant. Especially the part about shoot-and-burn, and why it is SO much more productive & lucrative to do IPS! I agree 100%. Thank you, it's terrific.-
Kelly McMurtry Alley
So let me ask you…
Are you ready to surround yourself with like minded, supportive professionals, with positive attitudes and looking to grow?

Are you ready to build a photography business that fires you up, and fills you up with the creativity, passion, and freedom you have been dreaming of?

If you are nodding and screaming yes, then join us in our unique community and let’s take the journey together.

If you made it this far, and are still curious good. You may be wondering if this is right for you and if you should join.

We totally get it. However if it is a time thing that is holding you back because you think you have too much going on in your life…
Do I have the time to do this?
We get it.

You have work, family, life commitments...and somewhere in there sleep and free time.

Simply put you are busy.

We know that not everyone has the time to sit at their computer watching hours worth of training videos.

We don’t have time for that. Which is why we have designed Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle specifically for busy bees like you!
The Magic of Our Online Community
We’ve designed our community to give you jammed packed information in small pieces. Easy to watch and digest in short periods of time.

We believe that you can balance your busy life while investing in yourself and your education. And that you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

We have also made our community interactive. Gone are the days where you watch a video or read an article and then wonder what to do next. In Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle, everything designed to be interactive. And if that is not enough, we have included productivity hacks that will allow you to use your time more efficiently and effectively! Woo Hoo!

Or maybe it’s not a time thing...maybe it’s a money thing. If that is the case, allow us to help you with that...
Can I afford to join Photographer Entrepreneur Inner Circle?
We are our own worst enemies. We tend to convince ourselves of all the self-doubt noise in our head…

We tell ourselves we aren’t smart enough to do this…

We convince ourselves that we are going to fail…

We tell ourselves that we don’t deserve to pursue our dreams, or that we are crazy if we do…

And what you are really doing is programming your brain that you are not good enough.
But Here’s The Thing…
You deserve so much better. You deserve to chase your dreams and live a life full of purpose and passion. And waking up every moment grateful and excited about what you do, because you know it is something that matters to YOU!

So if the money thing is throwing you off…

Here is a list of things that are more likely expensive than a monthly membership to PROFITographers Premium:

  • A full tank of gas for your car
  • Movie tickets for two
  • A good bottle of red wine
  • A Friday night pizza dinner
  • Two Zumba classes
  • A 32 gb memory card
  • Your cable bill
  • Manis & pedis
  • 2 lemondrop martinis
  • A new pair of shoes
  • 2 day passes to an amusement park
  • A spa day
  • A car wash and detail job
  • One month of fancy coffees
  • Maid service
  • A pack of rechargeable batteries
  • A sushi feast
  • A bottle of nice perfume or cologne
  • A monthly gym pass
  • One night hotel stay
  • A new cute outfit
  • A massage
  • One private Yoga session
  • Tickets to see a concert
  • A trip to the boardwalk’s concessions stands
Pretty much everything is more expensive and you get our point! 

Plus none of these expenses above have the ability to pay you back. 

None of them have the potential to alter the course of your life.

And none of them can teach you how to create a successful and profitable photography business.
So the thing you now have to ask yourself is how badly do you want to change your life?
How much longer will you continue to stress out? For friends, family and maybe even yourself to wonder if this “photography thing” will really work out? How many more days, weeks, or months can you justify “getting by”, doing a balancing act, or wandering aimlessly wondering when your next client will come along? What is it going to take for you to realize…

You deserve more. So much more.

If you are ready for a change, looking to take back control of your life and invest in yourself and create a successful and profitable photography business that you love to wake up to everyday….

Then you are going to want to click the button below and join us now!

Or just keep doing what you are doing. It’s your call.
Ready to Go? Let's Do This!
Click the button and join us now!
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