You know the saying knowledge is power?

Well we believe that’s partially true.

Knowledge coupled with action is true power.

You see, education has now become a commodity.

Come on, admit it, how many courses, ebooks, and training videos have you invested in that you haven’t even cracked open? We are all guilty of it..even us!

That’s because a lot of education for photographers is one sided, lecture based, and how tos. From self-proclaimed experts and gurus with totally different lifestyles. Which is great...but as creative types we want more.

We crave connection, idea sharing, and masterminding, but how often do we actually experience that? Too often we are left with unanswered questions, feeling out of our element, and unsupported in our community. So we don’t speak up and have questions unanswered because we are afraid to ask them. Afraid of what others will think of us or question our skill level. It can feel super lonely as a business owner.

We have created a no-judgment zone, come as you are space for photographers of all levels of experience and walks of life to learn and grow from one another. We are candid with our experiences as real life photographers, in the hustle and grind just like you, not rock stars on our yacht in the mediterranean.

Although don’t get us wrong...we love us some ocean and sun! 

We’ve coupled education with actionable items that you can start implementing TODAY to elevate your photography business, give you even more experience, and empower yourself as an entrepreneur and expert in your marketplace.

We keep it real. 

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

So what are you waiting for?

Get to it!

Your Experience Building Strategies

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